TayNik Entertainment (TNE) was founded in 1993 as DreamWARE, developing over 30 BBS door programs such as DreamROM, Chomper, DreamSlots, DreamTrack, BlackJack Dice, and ISA (Interstellar Annihilation).  After selling the rights to most of the door programs, DreamWARE was renamed TayNik, then went into semi-hiatus.  In 2012, TayNik was renamed to Two Dudes and a Monkey for a period of approximately three years and released three iOS programs, Linterna, Switch 'Em, and StratoJump.   We have re-branded back to TayNik as TayNik Entertainment.  TNE specializes in Android and iOS application development, focusing on games and entertainment.  Our goal is fun and enjoyment.


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